İmplant Yazıları

Are There Different Implant Methods?

Implants used to be produced in thin flat plaques called “blades” up until 20 years ago. However, it first changed into a cylinder, and finally it has taken the form which imitates the natural dental root anatomy in the best […]

Which Implant Brand?

Today, the implant brands and the companies producing implants have increased so much that there are currently over a hundred implant brands applied in dentistry.

It is not possible for us to say such a thing as “The products of this […]

Can an Implant be placed in each Missing Tooth?

Implant can be placed in all missing teeth of the jaws with sufficient bone thickness and length.


+ Implant can be placed in all cases of single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth and where all teeth are missing.


+ In the case […]

Bone thickness and implant application

This situation is made possible when insufficient bone sections is turned into sufficient bone regions by some advanced surgical technique and operations.

In many cases of the contemporary dentistry, jaws and edentulous regions unsuitable for implant replacement are made eligible by […]

Is my treatment appropriate for implant replacement ?

It is not possible for an implant patient to know this. It is possible to know whether an edentulous area is appropriate for implant through the examination of the dentist, specialist in this field, various x-rays and gadgets that measure […]

Can an implant be replaced to people of all ages?

An implant replacement can be applied on anybody with a general good health regardless of their old age. That is, there is no upper limit of age in the implant application.

For young people who have not completed their growth, however, […]

Which diseases are not suitable for implant treatment?

Almost in all systemic diseases, if adequate precaution is taken and the disease is under control, the placement of implant does not constitute an impediment.


However, in terms of the safety and comfort of the patient, the necessary consultation should be […]

Which disease Can the diabetic patients have implant placements?

In people with diabetes, if the disease is under the dental surgeon’s control and the patient is taking his medicine regularly, in short, if his/her blood sugar level is controlled in certain limits, there is no inconvenience in the application […]

Would I feel pain in the implant placement?

If the implant area is made numb/anesthetized before the implant placement, it is not possible to feel any sensation of pain, even most people do not even notice when the implant is placed.

Making the implant area numb is a very […]

Is any implant performed with general anesthesia?

We can certainly do the implant treatment with the general anesthesia method, however, we prefer general anesthesia only in necessary and compulsory situations. Why?


–          General anesthesia is a method in which larger complications can be experienced than local anesthesia. If […]