Laser and Fibrin Tech. Supported Dental Implant Treatments

Laser and fibrin technologies are important supporting factors during implant treatment. They can increase change of success while decreasing period of healing.

Hard tissue laser usage for implants:

We are providing sterile and clean bone surface where we apply dental implants by cleaning unwanted soft tissues on bone by hard tissue laser. That has been proven by micro biological clinic experiments that cleaning surface of jaw bone without laser was not completely possible.

That is possible to clean unwanted soft tissues 100% after tooth extraction and to clean infected areas, lesions, cysts totally before implant installation. Risk of infection after treatment is substantially decreasing via this method. There is no trauma via laser method versus classic surgical methods. So healing duration is decreasing and pain is less after laser supported implant treatment. Implant can be saved via sterilising surface by hard tissue laser if infection would have been diagnosed at an early. That solution is not possible without laser support.

Hard tissue laser provide to take impression of teeth while opening implanted surface painlessly and bloodlessly by laser versus classical surgical methods. Recovery period is shorter and less painful due to not use of lance after implant treatment.

Advantages of Hard Tissue Laser at implant treatment:Fibrin  Technologies:

  • Increase success rate of implant after implant treatment
  • Decrease risk of lesion after implant treatment
  • Decrease pain level after implant treatment and recovery period is shorter
  • Treatment would be possible at the beginning if an infection
  • Treatment of sinus rifts is possible.

Fibrin Technologies

Rich Plasma by Fibrin (PRF) and CGF are produced by processing of own blood of patient.

Application Areas at implant treatment:

  • surface of implant area,
  • surface of bad bone area,
  • during sinus lifting operations,
  • while using bone graft,
  • on the whole of extracted tooth,
  • at the possible bleeding areas,
  • while shifting gum
  • on the areas of transferred bones and connective tissues
  • on the areas of thin and/or defected bones.

Advantages of Fibrin Technologies in Implant Treatment

  • To get strengthen bone graft
  • Increase connection change of implant with bone
  • Decrease risk of infection around implan



Bone graft is being nourishing well while preventing gum to migrate at operation areas. PRF and CGF are used to protect sinus area or to recover sinus area if there is tissue torn.

This method is more economic and doesn’t cause allergy versus alternative of kolojen membran during implant treatment.