Supported Dental Implant Brands

This is the list of implant brands we are ussualy using in our clinic. Most of the brands would be good for you after a successfull treatment if your jaw is healty enough. Some of the dental implants would be  better for  you rather than others  in special cases. You can consult us to learn suitable implants for you via communication form. There is no fee for consultation and roentgens in clinic. You will get more info if you take an consultation apppointment.  

nobel_biocare_markaNobel Biocare (Branemark) implants: Based in Sweden, this dental implant brand is one of the oldest dental implant brands and have the largest market all around the world, Europe being in the first place. Especially its “all-in-four” system developed for atrophic toothless lower jaws has made the brand a quite popular and leading one. Although it is not unrivalled anymore, as it was ten years ago, the brand has managed to preserve its success and reliability. There is option for custom implants for Nobel in our clinic.

iti_implant_markasiITI (Straummann) implantsBased in Switzerland, ITI is a long-standing and successful company. Their products are preferred everywhere around the world because of their SLActive-surface implants, the most advanced implant surface whose patent is owned by the company itself. ITI is still considered to be the most reliable dental implant company thanks to its many years of experience. However, costs of this dental implant brand is more expensive compared with other brands. There is option for custom implants for ITI in our clinic.


Those implants are being produced in and customisation of upper part (abutment) is being done in Turkey. Custom abudments can provide more aesthetic teeth for patients. Abutment can cover implant totally by platform switching function. Bone lose is decreasing and stability of implant and tissue is increasing via this feature. Conic connection; Balance forces between implant and abutment, prevent formation of bacteria around implant. Hex connection, prevent rotation between implant and abutment. There is option for custom implants for Innova in our clinic.

astra_tech_implantAstra Tech: Produced in Sweden, these Switch Platform implants are one of the most-commonly preferred implants. This implant brand was purchased by Dentsply, an industrial giant, and is now used with confidence by many dentists from all over the world, including Europe and our country. However, its distribution has been suspended in Turkey due to some distributorship problems. Therefore, we cannot use this brand temporarily.

cms_implant_markasiCSM: Produced in South Korea, this dental implant brand also uses switch platforms and the submerged implants create perfect match with the bone. Thanks to its milling abutment alternative, affordable prices and high success rate, this brand is often preferred by our clinic.

ibs_implantIBS: Produced in South Korea, this dental implant brand has developed a unique system of its own. There is a reversely angled groove with a large platform right below the neck area of the implant. This groove prevents dead bone cells from being carried to the neck part by the organism during implant treatment. Therefore, these products leave no space to unwanted problems such as early infection risk, bone loss and soft tissue immigration. It is also possible to prepare the implant hole with a single drill and to keep the bone in its place for later use with the technology that this brand provides. The brand also has a system that is used particularly on soft areas with sinus ptosis. This includes a star-shaped, osteotome-like system which eliminates the need to carry out sinus-lifting. Besides, because the unique technology this system uses, it is possible to apply dental implants in a short time and support bones. This brand is often used in our clinic because of its relatively affordable prices and good performance.

SKY is a dental implant brand that was established in Germany by Bredent and is one of the leading dental companies of the world, especially in the fields of dental prosthesis, upper-structure and denture attachments. Their products are ready-to-use for toothless mouths and can be angled until 35 degrees. Therefore, it is possible to place them far away from areas such as sinus cavity and nerve canals. It also provides the opportunity to apply fixed dentures in excessively resorbed lower jaws. It is possible to apply these products in many different types of mouths and patients. This brand has become an increasingly favoured brand by dentists due to the many opportunities it provides. The angular abutments, produced by the company for toothless mouths, are used as a part of the fast and fix system. However, due to its details the brand is expensive when compared with its equivalents. Therefore, we may have to use different brands in our fast and fix treatments because of financial preferences of the patient.

biomet_implant_markasiBiomet3i: Produced in the United States of America, this dental implant brand is the most common and rooted implant brands of the American continent. The brand has been subject to many scientific works and theses and has already proved its expertise in the area. Preliminary studies and their results about the Switch Platform implants that the company produces are quite challenging.

world_implant_systemWIS(World İmplant System)Based in Italy, WIS products all have SLA surfaces. For thinner bone areas, there is also a 3-mm-diameter dental implant whereas there are 6.5-mm-diameter ones that can be used in the sockets of molar teeth after extraction. Thicker abutments that are thick enough and ready to be angled at all times can also be used as measurement parts. These implants with switch platforms have two versions one for hard and one for soft bones. Because of its high rate of osseointegration success, we prefer and recommend this brand with confidence.

tekka_marka_implantTekka: Introduced into the Turkish market in 2010, this France-origin brand has proved itself to be favourable with its aggressive structure, active attachment properties, early-loading opportunity and the 6-mm short implant alternative.Especially in cases which require strict time management and immediate loading and lower jaws which are only suitable for 6-mm short implants, we prefer to use the products of this brand.

anktlos_markaXıve- Ankylos(Friadent-Dentsply)One of the leaders of the sector, the company has its headquarters throughout England, Germany, Europe and other countries. Belonging to Dentsply, the brands of Xive and Ankloy are trustworthy brands that are preferred by many patients and dentists. The 3-mm diameter implants developed years ago within the Xive system are particulary an important alternative to be applied on toothless areas with insufficient bone thickness. Ankylos implants, on the other hand, are one of the first switch-platform implants and are quite favourable especially for toothless back parts of the mouth. Widespread circulation and service network of Xive implants, especially in the Anatolian region, also make it a preferable brand for dentists.